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Willmar Hockey Booster Financial Aid



Financial Aid for Hockey Players In WHA

The Willmar Hockey Boosters (WHB) allows financial assistance for applicants in need up to the limits set forth below:

Assistance is available for equipment needs, dues for Willmar Hockey Association, and travel expenses. Financial aid is available up to $600.00 per player, per hockey year. 

All applications are kept confidential within the Finance Committee, except to the extent necessary for the issuance of funds by the WHB treasurer and the program director, or travel manager, Willmar Hockey Association or hockey program treasurer.

**Gold Card sales are required, as this helps fund the scholarships.**

***As a recipient of a scholarship, all WHA fundraisers & volunteer hours are mandatory and buyouts are not allowed.

Application for Assistance
To apply for financial assistance:
1. Complete application on this website.
2. Read and electronically sign application’s certification.
This application will be emailed directly to the Willmar Booster Association and you will be contacted concerning you application within 2 weeks.  Information will be given, after approval, to complete your Willmar Hockey Registration.

Application deadlines

Winter Season (Oct-May) Deadline:  To receive financial aid consideration prior to the WHA registration deadline, applications should be submitted by September 14.  No applications will be accepted after September 30 and all receipts for reimbursement must be received by March 20.

All information contained in this application shall remain confidential to the WHB Board of Directors and the finance committee.


Please contact:

Laura Larson